Choosing a Small Turkey Fryer

small turkey fryer

When choosing a small turkey fryer, there are several factors to consider, including size, safety features, and ease of use. This article will provide you with information you need to choose the best small turkey fryer for your needs. It will also help you narrow down your search. Make sure to check the legs for wear and tear, and keep in mind that you will be using it intermittently, so you should regularly check the legs before using them.

Safety features

Safety is one of the first things you should consider when buying a turkey fryer. A good fryer should not only be safe to use, but should also have a number of safety features. Most fryers do not have thermostat controls. That means that you might have to watch them while cooking, which could lead to an oil fire. Furthermore, if you leave the fryer uncovered, the oil can become dangerously hot and scald you. You should also be careful to avoid overfilling the fryer, since it may spill over. A thermometer is another great addition to make sure the oil is at the correct temperature.

A good turkey fryer should have a thermostat to prevent hot oil from spilling out. It should also come with a drain valve for the hot oil. It should also feature a safety switch that automatically shuts off the unit when it tips. These are just a few of the safety features you should look for in a turkey fryer. Besides the temperature controls, another important feature to look for in a turkey fryer is safety features.

Whether you’re buying a fryer for cooking a turkey or frying a whole chicken, it’s vital to have a high temperature safety feature. If you’re cooking a turkey, you don’t want to expose your hands to the hot oil, which can burn you. Deep fryers should always be used outdoors, away from the house and flammable materials. If you’re using a fryer indoors, you should be extra cautious and use safety goggles to protect yourself.

Easy to use

The Backyard Pro Turkey Fryer Kit comes with a 30-quart aluminum pot and a stainless steel steam rack. The kit also includes a marinating syringe and hanger to hold the bird. Other features of the kit include a thermometer and a timer. You can use the fryer to cook other foods as well, including crab, peanuts, and poultry. Another bonus: you can also use the fryer to make multiple batches of chili and even brew your own beer.

When you’re frying a turkey, make sure you use oil-less fryers to get crispy skin. A high-quality oil-less fryer will produce a crisp exterior without compromising on the quality of the meat. This turkey fryer uses infrared technology to cook food without oil. It can hold up to a 16-pound turkey without affecting its seasoning. You can also choose an oil-free fryer with two-tier cooking baskets.

While oil-free turkey fryers can be more expensive, you can still find ones that are decent quality and easy to use. Make sure to find one that comes with a thermometer to monitor turkey’s doneness. Ensure that your fryer also comes with a sturdy stand to avoid wobbling. It should also have an automatic shutoff feature to prevent dangerous flare-ups. Make sure to look for a turkey fryer with a thermometer and a sturdy gas hose.

The Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer is another convenient option for frying your turkey. This all-electric fryer is versatile enough to cook up to a 20-pound bird. It can also serve as a boiler or steamer. Its stainless steel exterior and splatter-shield lid are dishwasher safe. If you’re preparing a turkey for the first time, this fryer is the perfect addition to your kitchen.


A small turkey fryer is a great way to cook a large bird at home without having to spend a lot of money. The most popular model is the gas one that uses a small propane tank. An electric model looks like the fry basket found in most home kitchens, but it is larger. Look for a turkey fryer with a breakaway cord and handles that remain cool while cooking. Some electric models even have adjustable temperature controls and a light to show you when the oil is ready. These units are much smaller than outdoor models, but they are not as big as those for cooking a whole turkey.

Another factor that affects the size of a turkey fryer is the weight. A small fryer is much easier to carry than a large one, which is why it’s necessary to buy a small model. You can always buy a larger one if you’re cooking a large bird, but this may not be enough for your family. When buying a small turkey fryer, make sure to take into consideration the size of the bird that you plan to cook. You’ll want to have enough space to store it.

If you have a 30-quart fryer, you can buy one that is smaller. This way, you can be sure that your turkey will fit. A 30-quart fryer is usually good for a turkey weighing 12 to 20 pounds, though you might need a smaller one if you are feeding a large crowd. A smaller one will also be easier to handle and less likely to cause an accident. Ideally, a small turkey fryer will allow you to feed a large crowd with two small ones.


Many people fear deep-frying their Thanksgiving turkey. But thanks to electric fryers, they don’t have to worry about the frying oil. With the right cooking method, these fryers produce tender, juicy, and flavorful turkey. With their rotisserie function, they use less oil than traditional fryers, resulting in healthier turkey. You can also use them to steam-cook your family dinner, as well.

Bayou Classic makes high-quality turkey fryers, such as the 32-quart Big Bird, and their accessories are made of commercial grade stainless steel. You can purchase additional items, including a meat thermometer and protective gloves, if desired. The company’s customer service is ok. You can even purchase a kit with a thermometer and marinade injector. You can also choose a turkey fryer that comes with a built-in propane tank for ease of use.

Before purchasing a turkey fryer, you should consider how much turkey you’re going to fry. If you are only cooking for yourself and your family, then a small model will do. However, if you plan to cook a large bird, a large one will be more suitable. Larger fryers will use more oil, and you’ll need more oil than a small one. Lastly, you need to consider your budget. Generally, the small fryer costs around $60.

The price of a small turkey fryer should not be too high if you don’t want to spend too much. But if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. Make sure to get one with a gas regulator. Otherwise, you’ll risk having dangerous flare-ups when frying turkey. Moreover, a good turkey fryer should have a sturdy stand and sturdy gas hose.

Buying guide

Purchasing a turkey fryer is a great way to get that crispy skin without having to spend hours in the kitchen. They also save you a lot of oil. And, if you’re cooking turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to make sure it comes out deliciously done! Turkey fryers can be multi-functional appliances that can be used for many other purposes, as well. They have a thermometer for indicating when the turkey is done, so you’ll know whether the bird is fully cooked, or if you need to make adjustments.

Some models come with a built-in thermometer, and others don’t. You can use an automatic one to adjust the temperature for a perfectly cooked turkey. If you’re concerned about safety, an electric turkey fryer might be right for you. Unlike traditional fryers, electric turkey fryers can also be used as a boiler or steamer. However, you should be aware that these machines use a decent amount of oil, so make sure to have enough. One user stated that they needed 11 gallons of oil to make her turkey properly.

Among the most important features of a turkey fryer is safety. A vented lid prevents steam from building up. A poultry rack with a lifting hook will prevent dangerous splattering. You should also look for an oil thermometer. Most oils can catch fire when heated above 400 degrees F. If you plan to cook your turkey at home, it’s essential to purchase protective cooking gear, such as goggles and oven mitts.

One option is a propane-powered set. This electric turkey fryer has a built-in thermometer and double-wall construction. It’s the same price as a Bayou kit, but Amazon customers don’t rate it as highly as other Bayou models. This model has 38,000 BTU, but it looks a bit less stable than the Bayou model, which makes it less suitable for frying larger birds.